More than a number

We often say that a company is worth whatever the market is willing to pay for it. Until you sell your business, its valuation is theoretical.

But it's still helpful. Through meticulous research into your company and industry, and careful analysis of your historical and projected financials, we'll show you how your business measures up.


Moving the needle

Your company's value isn't static. It's affected on a daily basis by a broad range of factors. Some of these, such as the state of the economy, you can't control — but some of them you can, like the concentration of your customer base. So, once we’ve put a number on your company, we’ll help you understand how to increase it. Together, we’ll identify low-hanging fruit and long-term strategies that can minimize risk factors and maximize your value.


If you have more than $5 million in revenues
or $1 million in cash flow...